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Home Education doesn’t need to disrupt your entire life. Planning and learning can happen on its own, and the results are simply mind-blowing!

Home schooling parents don’t have to compromise so much. In fact, your child’s Home Education can go together with your Totally Satisfying family and personal LIFE.

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On This FREE 5-Day Programme You’ll Learn:

  • 3-Step Secret Formula of Planning Without Planning™ - how to plan HIGH QUALITY Home Education with no formal structure, no course books and no classes. In less than 15 mins a week!

  • Powerful Intuitive System - AN ULTIMATE TOOL that will help you make your planning AND delivery perfectly synced with your everyday family life!

  • Why only 2% of the BEST educators in the entire world are able to use this system EFFECTIVELY and long-term, and HOW to join them!

  • 6 Reasons why your child may not like what you plan for them, and why your current planning may fail to deliver tangible RESULTS!

  • 4 Pillars of Effective Child-Centred Planning that work for EVERY child!

  • The Biggest Mistakes that 98% of Educators and Parents make when they plan learning for their children, and how to AVOID them!

  • How to make your planning and your entire home education Tool-Independent FOREVER - no need for course books, worksheets, or expensive resources anymore!

  • The SECRET Ingredient that makes home education Child-Centred and Child-Led!

  • Why Parents are the Educators of the Future who are the only people on this planet able to unlock their children's natural gifts and hidden talents!

  • How to CLAIM BACK your LIFE, have more time, joy and freedom to do the things you love, and still offer the highest quality Home Education!

Your child’s Home Education can be of the highest quality without much effort on your side!

And you can still have a happy family life, enough space for yourself and your partner, energy for your business or career, and tons of high quality evidence for your family to show off, and for your local authority in case you need to prove your child’s educational progress.

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What Parents Say About This FREE 5-Day Training:

“Wow - your training is so wonderful! I am so excited for the families whose lives will be changed by your guidance in their children's education. I felt so comfortable listening to you, and it was so easy to digest all that you were saying. I can not say enough good things!”

Lindsey Z., Arizona, USA - home schooling momLindsey Z., Arizona, USA - home schooling mom

“It's just liberating!”

Collin Clapp, New Zealand - world schooling dad, founder of Parenting Passports & ProfitsCollin Clapp, New Zealand - world schooling dad, founder of Parenting Passports & Profits

“It is very insightful - really strong stuff! I hope that a lot of people come across it and use it!”

Leslie M., Canada - EducatorLeslie M., Canada - Educator

About Magdalena & Vito

Living Planning Without Planning™ Life for over 12 years, they’ve been home educating their son with no formal structure and with an amazing success!

Magdalena & Vito - Founders of Natural Born

Their mission has always been to help make a huge shift in the way we understand learning and education. They’re advocates of Fully Personalised Learning that unlocks human natural talents. And this is what they deliver! 

Going from teachers through assessors and evaluators in Child Care Learning Development and Play, they’ve worked hands-on with hundreds of children of all ages from around the globe, including Autistic and Special Educational Needs children, using the principles of Child-Centred approach and Positive Pedagogy. They have...

  • taught at universities and colleges,
  • managed their own schools and nurseries
  • worked with parents to plan personalised learning programmes for their children, 
  • written hundreds of reports on educational and developmental progress, 
  • designed curricula and teaching resources,
  • recruited dozens of passionate teachers and childcare practitioners, 
  • inspected dozens of Early Years provisions
  • and cooperated with many respected educational institutions around the world. 

And they’ve been doing all this while home educating their son and traveling the globe. 

They gave up their positions in formal education and followed their inner calling to share the benefits of Child-Led Learning, support home educating families, and empower other parents.

 They’ve become Masters of Planning Without Planning™ and now are helping other home schooling parents to take their Home Education to the whole new level!

What Parents Say About Magdalena & Vito:

“OMG! This is amazing! You are the Magic we needed! You helped me believe in our life style again but at a much deeper level. It's been a wonderful process. You = Wisdom! You are gifted! I’m so grateful!”

Suzie C., Queensland, Australia - unschooling momSuzie C., Queensland, Australia - unschooling mom

“You’ve learnt about our son much more in one hour than all his teachers during the last two years! Now we never worry he’s too active, we finally know how to support him!”

Lucy J., Shanghai, China - Parent-EducatorLucy J., Shanghai, China - Parent-Educator

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